Cityville: The Common Facebook Game

Zynga, the well known creator of online social games that came up with Farmville and Frontierville, has now released yet another social community game referred to as CityVille. If you know about "The Sims," you in all probability understand that CityVille would be to an awesome extent inspired by this well known simulation game.

It really is an application developed for one of the most popular social networking site, Facebook, which has millions of users. It was officially launched in December and reaped more than 100,000 players throughout the launch, generating it the greatest launch ever. As of this day, it has gathered over 89 million users with 19 million every day active users and has beaten the well known FarmVille which was also created by Zynga.

Envision the community of players expanding by the day; this game is really a huge hit. It is also Zynga's incredibly initial 3D game introduced on the social network which makes the game appear fantastic as well as the gaming encounter far more exciting.


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